Frank Motors went pedal to the metal today as the kids were back from their 2 week vacation and eager to get into the action with the CAR program. Today marked our 2nd to last visit and it went extremely well! Rejuvenated, the eager kiddos welcomed us back into their classroom where we talked about their 2 week vacation! "I went to the movies and played with my cousins," said 3rd Grader, Maurico. "I had fun." They greatly enjoyed their days away but also continued reading. 

Today's task was to hone in on the artistic side of their brain by drawing a book cover as well as writing a book review. There were some really beautiful and technically skilled illustrations today! Some kids enjoyed using markers while others preferred crayons. Whichever they chose, they all conveyed a story that was similar to the overall gist of the story within the book. It was a pleasant change of pace from the normal silent reading task. "It gets them excited to read," said Olivewood Elementary's 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Cho. "They are so motivated to meet with their 'Reader' and share the book they read. They also share experiences in their lives. They feel important. The conversations are amazing!"

Getting the kids to simply read words on a page isn't enough for Mrs. Cho. "Reading opens up their imaginations," she said. "They need to be confident fluent readers to be successful in all curricular areas." Confidence and imagination were definitely on full display today!

With week 3 wrapped up and in the books, we had some time to reflect and remember the importance of the experience.  "The bonds they make with their 'Reader' are fantastic. I see some of my shy students talking and sharing with the adult. They feel comfortable," Mrs. Cho explained. "To see them so motivated to read is a teacher’s dream. They really take it serious and know that they have to be ready to share what they read."

Mrs. Cho went on to say that the generous donation of books to her classroom was a wonderful gesture. "My students love their books, and it’s just fun! Learning should be fun."