We’re bringing the CAR to the kids! Not literally, but figuratively to help enhance the kids of Olivewood Elementary’s literacy. It’s the 4th consecutive year Frank Motors has participated in the CAR program, short for Champions Are Readers.

Today we were greeted by 23 wonderful 3rd graders from Mrs. Cho’s classroom and partnered up with some great students. Students looked delighted and cheerful as they met their mentors and the mentors were definitely ecstatic to be helping out.

Students got to choose their own books and we sat down to discuss their favorite topics. We applied their favorite topics and formed ideas as to what they would be able to draw onto their DIY book markers. Some students worked fast, others liked to think out the process a little bit longer. Some chose their favorite animals, others chose their favorite flowers and sports teams.

 It was great to see the kids put so much depth and effort into their bookmark creating. Furthermore, the students had an opportunity to share artwork amongst their peers for a moment to compare and contrast.

We decided to immortalize their artwork and bookmarks by taking it back to Frank Motors Head Quarters and laminate them so they could use them next week to read further and further without getting lost. Kids have the opportunity to read their books ahead of time so that they could switch their book by next week, simultaneously while getting credit for reading in class. There was a lot of activity for the first day but we didn’t leave their efforts empty handed. We’re sure their energy was restored with the mini bundt cakes they were rewarded with at the end of the session. We can’t wait to see them again next week!