Rain or shine, Frank Motors was ready for week 2 with the kiddos over at Olivewood Elementary. This time around we came in full force with the reacquainted of Human Resource Director extraordinaire, Mary Nitchsche.

First line of duty for the kiddos was that they got to exchange their books for a new one this week. Some kids were so eager they wanted to be first in line to get first pick! Upon choosing their books we had the kiddos essentially review and break down their first book they read. There was a lot of critical thinking for the kids. For most of the kids it was a breeze to recall the characters and the overall plot, while others needed an extra hand in remembering. Overall, it was a successful visit as the students analyzed character development and picked out their favorite traits.

The kids worked extremely hard on not one, not two but three sheets of activities! There was a lot of encouragement going around the room and you could tell the kids enjoyed working with their new teachers for the hour. It was not hard to see that some of the kid’s favorite part of the reading was drawing out the characters they saw.

We won’t be seeing the kids for 2 weeks as they will be on vacation enjoying some much needed time off since they’ve been in school since July! We can’t wait to see them then!