By Mark Rosenberger on Behalf of Frank Subaru & Leukemia and Lymphoma Society San Diego and Hawaii

Driving toward a cure—one mile at a time.


Working toward a cure for cancer takes a lot of work. Fortunately for my wife and I, Mark & Sherrie Rosenberger of San Diego, CA, our 1998 Subaru Outback Limited has been up to the challenge. In fact, 100,000 plus miles of trustworthy service have supported The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

We began our involvement with LLS and Team In Training 16 years ago in 2000. Since then, ZOR (the name we affectionately gave our Subaru) has been involved in the training support and participation of three marathons, a half marathon and a dozen century cycling programs and a handful of Light The Night” events.

My wife’s memories in the Subaru rang clear as a bell.

’ve driven to thousands of training days, carted runners and cyclist off the course, taken two people to the hospital, hauled a ton of people and gear to various events and always seem to have a bike or two on the roof rack,” shared Sherrie Rosenberger.

In all, we can attribute over 100,000 of the current 200,000-plus miles on our Subaru to their involvement with LLS. And we’re aiming for 300,000 miles on our car.

Zor has also been involved in transporting cancer patients for treatment. In 2005, I had faced and defeated my own cancer diagnosis and in 2010 Sherrie’s mother, Lee, was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). We spent countless days and miles in their Subaru driving to various doctors’ appointments including treatments around San Diego County.

Since these experiences we have dedicated our time to finding a cure for cancer and are self-proclaimed “cancer fundraising advocates.” We’ve personally raised over $50,000 toward a cure for cancer and supported dozens of others in reaching their event & fundraising goals.

Our son, Mikael, has also gotten into the LLS/Subaru relationship. He is a two-time Subaru owner having graduated from an Impreza to a WRX—and has volunteered for various TNT events while being an enthusiastic cheerleader for mom and dad.

It takes a large, dependable team to pull off the fundraising, training and reaching the finish line of any event. And our Subaru has been a critical member of that team. We love our Zor.

And after over 200,000 miles with half of that dedicated to finding a cure for cancer—that’s a lot of love.