We helped Clear the Shelters last weekend and it was PAWesome! Together with NBC7 and Telemundo we were able to help around 732 pets find forever homes! Nationwide more than 46,000 pets found a forever home. We’re happy we had a chance to meet all the new pet owners because we got a chance to see happy kids and families alike become new saviors. Some families even adopted turtles and hamsters! A lot of rabbits were also adopted, along with traditional pets such as cats and dogs.

The kittens went by fast this year compared to last year! Even with Comic Con beating its drum across San Diego we still managed to have a successful turn out. Guests spun our Frank Subaru “Spin and Win Wheel” where they had a chance to win Subaru swag ranging from keychain flashlights, to portable doggy bowls, doggy litter picker uppers and the fan favorite Frankie plush dolls to go along with Frank Subaru sunglasses. Frank Subaru loves to care and we’re extremely proud to have been a part of such a wonderful event. Although we are a Dog Friendly Dealership we’ve partnered with ASPCA in the past and overall just love the results of getting in not only in the human community, but the pets community as well. We look forward to helping more animals finding their forever home next time around! A happy tale, ends with a waggytail!